IDX Systems Presents: Wireless Video on Set with Tom Bango – Feb 18

Filmtools and IDX Systems invites you to attend an interactive seminar about using Wireless Video on set!

See what it takes to implement wireless video transmission on set with Tom Bango, 1st AC, while learning what to look for in a system that will fit your budget and your needs.

Attendees will be entered into a raffle drawing for a FREE IDX CW-1!


About the Speaker:

Thomas Bango, 1st AC

After his first “big” job, working on the pilot (and first two seasons) for MADtv, Thomas Bango’s body of work is packed with features, TV series, commercials, and 3D work.

The 4-season veteran of Comedy Central’s popular comedy, WORKAHOLICS has worked on Oscar-nominated features (Little Miss Sunshine, No Country For Old Men), Pop Music Documentaries (Katy Perry: Part of Me, Justin Beiber: Never Say Never), and Box-Office hits (Transformers: Dark of The Moon, Live Free Or Die Hard), to name a few.

While working on the set of HBO’s THE COMEBACK, Thomas was tasked with finding a reliable wireless system that fit their needs. Thomas took his knowledge of IDX and the CAMWAVE system to his next job on WORKAHOLICS and has never looked back.

Thomas is excited to share his knowledge and experience with the CAMWAVE system with you at Filmtools. Don’t miss out!

Admission to this great event is only $10.00, and all attendees will receive a FREE $10.00 Filmtools Coupon at the door.

Register Now!

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