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RODELink Filmmaker Wireless Lav System

Wireless audio is a necessary evil on most sets, especially when you have a short supply of professional boom operators. The problem with wireless is that in this crazy world of cell phones, walkie talkies, Bluetooth, WIFI, TV, radio and … Continue reading

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SONY Tape Production Halted, Filmtools Will NOT Raise Prices

Wednesday, March 23, 2011 – The SONY Factory in Japan producing audio and video tape has suspended production for an unknown length of time due to flood damage and power outages, and while other suppliers may see the sudden increase … Continue reading

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Zoom Q3 HD Camcorder – A Great Handheld Recorder Made Even Better

The original Q3 camcorder by Zoom (that bright blue one up there) is a good little pocket camera featuring awesome audio, a full color display, multiple functions that come standard in most handheld cameras nowadays and other qualities that make … Continue reading

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Zoom H4n: Recording WAVs & Shredding The Competition

Debuting last year, the Zoom H4n (available now at Filmtools) has been tearing through reviews. With the HDSLR movement turning the film world upside down, audio recording became a point of frustration. How do you justify shooting with a small … Continue reading

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